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"I can bathe again without being terrified of slipping and falling. I can get in and out of the tub on my own. Thanks Renew It!" - Dustin Rhodes

Portland Walk-In Tub Conversion by Renew-It

Portland's Walk-In Tub Pros

Tub Too High? If you are suffering from less mobility, bathing in a tub that has a high front can be terrifying causing a potential slip and fall risk. Now thanks to Renew-It Walk-In Tub Conversion, we can transform your existing tub into a Walk In Tub in just one day, saving you $1000's compared to replacement.

  • From 15" high to 6". Over 50% Lower!*
  • Safer than standard tubs for bathing on your own
  • Costs much less than replacement
  • Ready to use in 24 hours
  • Lasts for years
  • Looks like new
  • Easy to clean

Choosing the wrong walk in tub may be worse than dealing with unsafe tub. Some companies pray on scared seniors and others who need a safer bathing option. Many walk in tubs cost $1000s and are overkill for most applications. Don't tall victim to a smooth sales person who is only interested in making money.

Choose Renew-It for Peace of Mind! Choosing the right walk in tub conversion company can save you time, frustration and money. Renew-It has been the #1 choice in Portland and Vancouver for walk-in tub conversions since 1994. Learn more below or call us today to get started.

*Results differ by tub type and current height. But most tubs can be converted into a walk in tub using our process.

Portland Walk-In Tub Conversion by Renew-It

Affordable Walk-In Tubs

A new walk-in bathtub or shower is great for the whole family but is especially great for seniors, the disabled, or anyone who has difficulty getting in and out of a standard bathtub.

Our bathtub conversions allow easy access to bathing by lowering the front edge of the bathtub. We provide a lower entry for safely walking into the bathtub. Often 50-60% lower!

Your existing bathtub can likely be converted into a walk-in bathtub for a fraction of replacement cost.

Save some money on a walk-in tub by calling us today. Contact Us Now to schedule your Free Consultation.

Our Process

Our walk in tub conversion process is as safe and detailed as they come. Our goal is to provide you with a safer bathtub entry that will last for years or even decades. We give you the most value for your money and the most enjoyment from this experience.



The first step is to assess the condition, height and material of the bathtub to ensure our process is the best choice for you.

Cut The Bathtub:

Once it is determined that this is good fit for you, we measure and cut the existing bathtub to make room for our much lower step in conversion. This Insert adds a step-in and walk-through accessibility to your existing bathtub without expensive replacement saving you $1000's.

Reinforce Bathtub:

Once the bathtub is cut and prepped, we add reinforcements where needed to make sure your new walk in tub is sturdy and ready for safer bathing.

Install Walk-In Tub Insert:

Now it's time to install your new step-through tub Insert. Made of durable and easy to clean materials, this Insert will last for years and stay looking great. We use high-tech adhesives to keep the Insert in place and provide a reliable step for your bathing experience. We also caulk all edges to ensure your tub is still water tight.

Clean Up:

Once all is complete, we clean your bathtub area to ensure it is ready to use as soon as the dry time is finished.

Cure Time:

Your new walk in tub will need a day or two to cure before using. This will ensure that the new step is secure and will last for years to come. Respect the cure time for a long lasting product.


Renew-It offers four different types of walk-in tubs. Removable Door, Swinging Door, Ultra Low and Standard.

Portland's Best Walk-In Tub with Removable Door by Renew-It

Configures from Step-In to Full Bath in Seconds! It is super fast and easy. Go from walk-in shower to soaking bath in seconds. And it's still priced $1000's less than our competition.

- Add the door to use as a traditional tub
- Remove the door to use as a step-in tub or shower
- Removable unit locks and unlocks quickly
- Flexibility to meet your changing needs
- Step-in, then fill the tub to take bath or shower
- Greatly reduces the possibility of falls
- Enables easy step-in access
- Our most versatile tub conversion product

Portland's Best Walk-In Tub with a Swinging Door by Renew-It

This is the best of both worlds. You get a Walk-In Tub and can still take a soothing, soaking bath. This tub conversion adds a water-tight door for taking a full bath!

- Left or right hinge configurations
- Step-in, then take bath or shower
- Greatly reduces the possibility of falls
- Enables easy step-in access

Portland's Ultra Low Walk-In Tub Conversion by Renew-It

Have a deep bathtub? This Tub Conversion can convert that deep soaking tub into a Walk-In Shower. Gain Step-In Bathing Accessibility on High Profile Bathtubs!

- Made for use with high profile tubs
- Installed in less than one day
- Greatly reduces the possibility of falls
- Enables easy step-in access

Portland's Most Affordable Walk-In Tub Conversion by Renew-It

Adds Step-In Accessibility to Your Existing Tub! This is our most affordable Walk-In Tub Conversion.

- Installation completed on your existing tub
- Installed in less than one day
- Greatly reduces the possibility of falls
- Enables easy step-in access
- Our most affordable walk-in tub

Removable Door


Starting at

  • Detailed Tub Inspection
  • Install Walk-In Tub Insert with Removable Door
  • Re-Caulk Tub Insert
  • 1 Year Warranty
Swinging Door


Starting at

  • Detailed Tub Inspection
  • Install Walk-In Tub Insert with Swinging Door
  • Re-Caulk Tub Insert
  • 1 Year Warranty
Ultra Low


Starting at

  • Detailed Tub Inspection
  • Install Ultra Low Walk-In Tub Insert
  • Re-Caulk Tub Insert
  • 1 Year Warranty


Starting at

  • Detailed Tub Inspection
  • Install Standard Walk-In Tub Insert
  • Re-Caulk Tub Insert
  • 1 Year Warranty

You're One Call Away From Safer Bathing In Your Existing Bathtub



Read more Frequently Asked Questions about walk-in tubs here

The short answer is, maybe. if you have the right circumstances. If a walk in tub is purchased for medical safety reasons, it may be considered a medical expense and therefore the materials and the installation costs may be tax deductible as a Medical Expense. If one is caring for an elderly parent in their home and they make a home modification which includes the addition of a walk in tub, the homeowner may claim the expense under the Dependent Care Tax Credit. Please consult a tax professional. Whether your bathtub conversion is tax deductible or not, we offer 6 Months No Interest Financing through PayPal Credit and we accept all major credit cards.

Call us today to discuss this further. We can provide more details at your No-Obligation Consultation.

There are so many reasons why a Walk-In Bathtub Conversion is a great idea. If you would like an easier, more pleasant bathing experience for yourself, or an aging or disabled loved one, this is the perfect place to start.

You may have an aging or disabled loved one living in your home who desires the freedom to bath alone. You may be selling your home in an area with a large senior community and want your home to stand out above others as being "senior friendly".

You may be remodeling your bathroom and want to use this opportunity to upgrade to a walk-in shower.

Whatever your reason for wanting to convert your existing bathtub into a walk-in bathtub, Renew-It Refinishing can help. Contact Us for a free, in-home consultation. No obligation and never any pressure to buy.

We certainly hope that you will choose Renew-It for all of your refinishing and bathtub conversion needs. But we realize that there are a few other walk-in bathtub companies in Portland and Vancouver and that you want to make sure that you are choosing the best one. So, here are a few tips.

As with any service company, the longer an installer has been in business, the bigger his reputation with the local community. Either for the good or the bad. Reading Client Reviews really helps when searching for a walk-in bathtub conversion service. Allow their clients to fill you in on their experience. Make sure whomever you choose has a great reputation.

Also make sure that they are fully covered by insurance. There are some real horror stories of contractors who are not covered with the proper insurance causing big problems and leaving the homeowner with the bill because they were not properly covered. Bonding and licensing is also important.

By the way, Renew-It Refinishing has all of this and more. Renew-It has been serving Portland and Vancouver since 1994 with an amazing 5-Star Reputation. Check out our great Guarantees that no other walk-in bathtub installer in Portland or Vancouver is brave enough to put in writing.

There are many different styles of walk-in bathtubs or showers to choose from.

The least expensive and fastest method is converting your existing porcelain or fiberglass bathtub into a walk-in tub using our conversion kits. This is the method we offer. We methodically cut out the front of your tub and insert new walls and edges to make it look like a factory finish.

Another method involves removing your existing bathtub and installing a new, one piece, walk-in bathtub, including upgraded features. This is very expensive and can take weeks.

A third method involves removing your existing bathtub and installing a simple shower. This does not allow soaking or taking a proper bath.

Renew-It Refinishing ensures that you will be 100% satisfied with our walk-in bathtub conversion.

We offer a One Year Warranty on our Walk-In Tub Conversions. But they will last for years or even decades if cared for properly. Call us to renew your caulk every few years to keep your tub dry and safe.

No. That is, with our method, we never touch your plumbing. We are simply adding a pass through in the front of the existing tub.

No problem. Just choose our Removable Door option. Once safely in your tub, simply add the Removable Door insert and tighten it down using hand bolts. Fill your tub just like you normally would, enjoy your soak, drain the tub, remove the door and walk out. Voilà!

That depends on your original tub height and the insert you choose. You can usually expect around 8" to 14" lower than its current height.

Check out our pricing table above for pricing details.

Cutting the existing bathtub can be quite loud and produces a bit of dust. We will clean up after ourselves. But the noise can bother animals, children or those who are sensitive to loud noises. It might be a good time to take a walk. Ask your installer for more details.

That depends. It installs easily on most standard bathtubs.

Does your Walk-In Tub Conversion work on a clawfoot tub? No. This product is unable to be installed on a clawfoot tub. Sorry :(

Can this be installed on a garden tub? That depends as garden tubs come in many shapes and sizes. Ask your installer for more details about your specific garden tub.

We do not recommend installing our Walk-In Tub Conversion product on a tub liner.

However, depending on the reason you installed the tub liner, we may be able to remove it (tub liners often develop a bad odor over the years from water being trapped in between the original tub and liner), refinish your original bathtub properly and then install our Walk-In Tub Conversion product.

There is a slight odor during the process. We ventilate the odors using a fan and exhaust system to prevent any odors from staying in your home. Some light odors will be present for a day or so as the surface dries and cures.

Yes, we install a non-slip surface to the bottom of tubs and showers. Ask your installer about a specific product you are interested in.

Yes. We offer bulk pricing for apartments, hotels, senior homes, retirement homes, nursing homes, and more. Contact us for more details on commercial pricing.