"Renew-It redid our Clawfoot tub. So professional, flexible, punctual, just awesome. Fantastic job, left our house very clean when he finished. We highly recommend Renew-It for your refinishing needs." - Rich McLeod

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Ugly Clawfoot Tub? Most old clawfoot tubs are rusted, chipped and just plain worn out. Many are found in backyards from the good ol' days. But there is nothing like the nostalgia of having a clawfoot tub. Especially if it has been restored to look like new. 

  • There's nothing like a clawfoot tub
  • Lasts for generations
  • Looks like new after refinishing
  • Easy to clean and looks amazing
  • Good for long soaks and relaxation
  • Get that relaxing "old world" feel
Learn more about Renew-It Clawfoot Tub Refinishing

Choosing the wrong company to refinish your clawfoot tub can be really disappointing. Choosing the wrong clawfoot tub refinishing company in Portland, OR can make your life miserable and cost you time and money. Take your time and choose wisely. This clawfoot tub will last forever. Your refinishing job should last for years too.

Choose Renew-It for Peace of Mind! Choosing the right bathtub refinishing company to refinish your old, ugly, worn out clawfoot bathtub can save you time, frustration and money. Renew-It has been the #1 choice in Portland and Vancouver for clawfoot tub refinishing since 1994. Learn more below or call us today to get started.

More About Clawfoot Tub Refinishing

A refinished clawfoot tub adds a quaint feeling to any modern bathroom. We have refinished and transformed dozens of claw foot tubs in and around Portland, OR. Cast iron clawfoot tub refinishing is similar to regular tub refinishing. We can make your old, worn clawfoot tub look like new again with our clawfoot bathtub refinishing service.

From old to new again for a super fair price and with awesome guarantees and no-peel warranty. Clawfoot bathtub refinishing can transform your antique clawfoot bathtub and keep that old world charm with a new, modern finish with a color of your choice.

We will strip any old paint from the inside and outside of the clawfoot tub before refinishing it. We will then start the clawfoot tub refinishing process. This includes refinishing the actual claw feet to a color of your choice. The outside of the clawfoot tub can be painted a different color than the inside to add texture and color to your bathroom. There are a few options when it comes to claw foot tub refinishing in Portland, OR that our technician will explain to you. Thank you for choosing Renew-It Refinishing. You'll be happy you did.

Clawfoot Tub Refinishing

Our Process

Our clawfoot tub refinishing process is as detailed as they come. Our goal is to provide you with a new looking clawfoot bathtub that will last for years and even decades. We give you the most for your money and the most enjoyment from this experience.


Assessment and Cleaning:

The first step is to assess the condition of the clawfoot bathtub. Any existing damage, such as chips, cracks, or stains, is identified. The bathtub is thoroughly cleaned to remove soap scum, mineral deposits, and any other contaminants. This step ensures proper adhesion of the new tub refinishing coatings.

Repairing Damages:

Any chips, cracks, or other damage to the bathtub surface are repaired at this point. This may involve filling in the damaged areas with a bonding agent or filler to create a smooth surface. Minor chip repairs are typically covered by the cost of refinishing.

Surface Prep:

The surface of the bathtub is etched or sanded to create a slightly rough texture. This helps the new coatings adhere securely to the existing surface. Without this process the tub will peel in days, weeks or months and will need to be refinished again.

Masking and Protecting:

If we are refinishing your clawfoot tub in place, areas around the bathtub, such as fixtures, walls, and floors, are carefully masked off and protected to prevent overspray or damage during the refinishing process. The more time and attention given to this step, the better the tub refinishing job will look and will result in less cleanup after.

Ventilation and Safety Precautions:

Proper ventilation is set up to ensure the fumes from the refinishing materials are safely extracted. Safety equipment, such as masks and protective clothing, will be worn by your professional Renew-It refinishing technician.

Application of Primer:

A bonding primer is applied to the prepared surface for the inside and outside of your clawfoot tub. The primer enhances adhesion and promotes a strong bond between the existing surface and the new coatings. This also helps the finished product to look smooth and shiny.

Application of Coatings:

Multiple layers of specialized coatings are applied to the inside and outside surface of your clawfoot. These coatings often include layers of color and a clear topcoat. You can choose a different color for the inside and outside to give it that old world charm. These colors are applied at different times of course. We will mask off the portion not being painted to prevent overspray.

Final Inspection and Touch-ups:

Once the clawfoot bathtub is finished, a final inspection is conducted. Any imperfections or areas that may require touch-ups are addressed. This step ensures a smooth and even finish.

Unmasking and Cleanup:

The protective masking is carefully removed from the surrounding areas, and any cleanup is performed to ensure the bathroom is left in a clean and tidy condition. We will invite you into the room to inspect the final product. At this point we will explain how to take care of your newly refinished clawfoot tub, explain your warranty, handle payment details, and ask you to leave us a review online to help others make a wise choice when choosing their clawfoot tub refinishing company in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.

Curing Time:

After the coatings are applied, the clawfoot bathtub needs time to cure. The curing time can vary but is typically around 24-48 hours. During this period, the bathtub should not be used to ensure the coatings properly set.


Renew-It Refinishing offers three different levels of clawfoot tub refinishing service. Basic, Deluxe and our Best Clawfoot Bathtub Refinishing.

Our Basic Clawfoot Tub Refinishing comes with a 1 Year No-Peel Warranty and is a perfectly respectable and durable tub restoration service for those on a budget or for those who aren't interested in a long tub refinishing warranty. See pricing below.

Our Deluxe Clawfoot Tub Refinishing comes with a 5 Year No-Peel Warranty and is a great tub resurfacing service for those who want an even more durable, more glossy surface, and for those who want the comfort of a 5 Year Tub Refinishing No-Peel Warranty. See pricing below.

Our Best Clawfoot Tub Refinishing comes with Portland, Oregon's only Lifetime No-Peel Warranty and is the absolute best tub restoration process available Guaranteed. Our Best Tub Refinishing Service receives a thorough etching and bonding agent to ensure decades of beauty.

It receives at least 5 coats of durable, high quality tub refinishing materials to ensure a rock hard surface that cannot peel. Our Best Tub Refinishing process is truly the absolute best tub resurfacing available in Portland Guaranteed! And boasts the only Lifetime No-Peel Tub Refinishing Warranty in Portland, OR. See pricing below.



Starting at

  • Add $200 to refinish outside of tub
  • Add $250 to strip off old paint if applicable
  • Does not include transporting tub if applicable
  • Protect Surrounding Areas
  • Vent Odors Outside
  • 2 Step Deep Cleaning of Surface
  • Super Effective Bonding Agent
  • 4 Layers of Professional Grade Acrylic Top Coat
  • Re-Caulk As Needed
  • Glaze in White, Bisque or Almond
  • 1 Year No-Peel Warranty


Starting at

  • Add $250 to refinish outside of tub
  • Add $250 to strip off old paint if applicable
  • Does not include transporting tub if applicable
  • Protect Surrounding Areas
  • Vent Odors Outside
  • 3 Step Deep Cleaning of Surface
  • Super Effective Bonding Agent
  • 6 Layers of Professional Grade Acrylic Top Coat
  • Re-Caulk As Needed
  • Glaze available in ANY COLOR you choose
  • 5 Year No-Peel Warranty


Starting at

  • Add $300 to refinish outside of tub
  • Add $250 to strip off old paint if applicable
  • Does not include transporting tub if applicable
  • Protect Surrounding Areas
  • Vent Odors Outside
  • 4 Step Deep Cleaning of Surface
  • Super Effective Bonding Agent
  • 8 Layers of Professional Grade Acrylic Top Coat
  • Re-Caulk As Needed
  • Glaze available in ANY COLOR you choose
  • Acrylic Clear Coat for Added Protection and Longer Life
  • Exclusive Lifetime No-Peel Warranty

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Read more Frequently Asked Questions about clawfoot tub refinishing here

Clawfoot tub refinishing, also known as reglazing or resurfacing, is a process of restoring the surface of a clawfoot bathtub by repairing chips, cracks, or stains and applying a new coating to the inside and outside to give it a fresh, like-new appearance.

Ever wondered if you can refinish a clawfoot tub and how to refinish a cast iron clawfoot tub? The answer is YES and the process is basically the same as refinishing a standard bathtub, with two exceptions:

One: The Porcelain on older cast iron claw foot tubs is often softer than modern bathtubs. This leads to deep cuts, scratches, worn areas and cracks over the decades. The cleaning methods and products they used in the past were pretty harsh on the porcelain. This means more preparation time to get the porcelain surface of the claw foot tub ready for refinishing. This extra prep time increases the price for clawfoot tub refinishing. And it also means there will likely be small imperfections in the final refinished surface, which is a charming characteristic of claw foot tubs.

Two: The Exterior of a clawfoot tub is exposed, raw cast iron, compared to a normal tub where the back and sides are covered by the walls and the front of the bathtub has a porcelain covered apron. This means that the entire exterior of the clawfoot tub must be cleaned, prepared and refinished just like the inside. This also increases the price of refinishing a claw foot tub. But the end results are well worth any increase in price. And if you choose the right refinishing company, like Renew-It, to do the work, you'll be happy for decades with your beautifully refinished clawfoot tub.

We genuinely hope that you will consider Renew-It Refinishing for your clawfoot tub resurfacing. However, we understand that there are numerous bathtub refinishing companies in Portland and Vancouver, and it's important to ensure you choose the best one. Here are a few tips. As with any service company, the longer a clawfoot tub restoration company has been in business, the more substantial their reputation within the local community, whether for the good or the bad.

When searching for a clawfoot tub refinishing company in Portland, OR, reading client testimonials proves valuable. Allow the experiences of previous clients to provide insights. Ensure that whoever you choose has an excellent reputation and is fully covered by insurance to avoid potential complications. There are unfortunate stories of contractors lacking proper insurance, causing significant problems and leaving homeowners with unexpected bills. Licensing and bonding are also crucial considerations. Renew-It Refinishing, by the way, encompasses all these aspects and more. Explore our comprehensive guarantees here, a commitment that sets us apart from other clawfoot tub refinishing services in Portland, OR.

There are various methods of clawfoot tub refinishing to choose from in Portland, OR. We employ different methods based on your specific needs. While the final outcome may appear similar, the preparation process significantly varies depending on the clawfoot tub surface we are refinishing. Some clawfoot tubs simply need a cleaning and clear coat to restore their shine and make them look like new. Others require deep etching and honing to eliminate deep scratches or pitting before the refinishing process can take place.

Once the clawfoot tub is prepared, we refinishing the inside and outside according to your color preference.

We offer 3 levels of tub refinishing. Basic, Deluxe and Best. See our pricing.

Chip repairs are typically covered in the price of a standard refinishing job. We scrape and sand all the rough edges to prepare the surface for our repair materials. Then we carefully fill and sand the surface to prepare for the new coatings. Our chip repairs are undetectable.

You can also pay for just a chip repair. This is more common in Fiberglass Tub Repair.

Our Basic Claw Foot Tub Refinishing system is perfectly fine and comes with a one year warranty.

Our Deluxe Refinishing System uses better materials, takes longer to prep and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Our Best Claw Foot Tub Refinishing System uses the absolute best materials in the industry, takes way longer to prep and comes with Portland's only Lifetime No-Peel Warranty. This refinished claw foot tub will last longer than many of us will.

Depending on the process you choose, your clawfoot tub could be ready to use within a day or so. We recommend waiting 24-48 hours to ensure that the surface is completely cured and ready for use.

Using your newly refinished tub too soon could void your warranty and lead to costly repairs. It pays to wait.

The time required for tub refinishing depends on the extent of the repairs and the curing time of the coatings. Generally, the process can be completed in a day or two, and the tub is usually ready for use within 24-48 hours.

While there are DIY (Do It Yourself) refinishing kits available, professional clawfoot tub refinishing is recommended for optimal results. Professionals have the expertise and equipment to ensure proper surface preparation and coating application.

Many companies offer DIY clawfoot tub refinishing kits. Do they work? Yes and no. The materials are often not commercial grade and don't last over time. If you are looking for a cheap, quick fix that will look ok for a little while, then a DIY kit may be a good option. There is also a pretty steep learning curve when it comes to refinishing a bathtub. Our technicians at Renew-It spend years perfecting their trade. Trying to refinish one bathtub will likely be frustrating and time consuming and we often get a call to fix DIY claw foot refinishing jobs. So, save yourself some time and frustration, hire Renew-It to refinish your claw foot tub. We have years of experience in cast iron tub refinishing and claw foot tub refinishing.

The durability of a refinished clawfoot tub depends on factors such as the quality of materials used and how well the surface is prepared. When done professionally, a refinished clawfoot tub can last for several years with proper care. Renew-It Clawfoot Tub Refinishing offers a 1 year, 5 year and a Lifetime Warranty against peeling. Your choice.

In general, most clawfoot tubs made of materials like porcelain, cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic, metal, or copper can be refinished. However, severely damaged tubs or those with structural issues may not be suitable for refinishing. Ask your technician for more details.

To maintain a refinished clawfoot tub, avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools. Be careful if you need to move your clawfoot tub as bumping it against a wall or other surface could compromise the refinished surface. Clean the surface regularly with non-abrasive, mild cleaners, like dish detergent and avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects onto the clawfoot tub like soap and shampoo bottles. Ask your technician for more details on cleaning your newly refinished clawfoot tub.

Absolutely! Clawfoot tub refinishing allows for color changes. You can choose a separate color for the inside and outside that complements your bathroom décor. Professional clawfoot tub refinishing services offer a wide variety of color options.

Some refinishing products may have a noticeable odor during application, but proper ventilation can minimize this. We ventilate the odors using a fan and exhaust system to prevent any odors from staying in your home. Some light odors will be present for a day or so as the surface dries and cures.

The cost of clawfoot tub refinishing varies depending on factors such as the tub's condition, size, and the level of repairs needed.

If the clawfoot tub is not currently installed in your bathroom, you will need to hire a plumber to install the tub and connect the plumbing after it is refinished. If it is already installed and connected, there is likely no additional cost to our pricing unless your want additional features. See our clawfoot tub refinishing prices here.

Refinishing a Clawfoot Tub usually costs about 50% more than the price of refinishing a normal bathtub or $600 for a Basic Finish and up to $1,500 for our Best Refinishing System with a Lifetime No-Peel Guarantee. Our prices are usually a little more than our competition, but for good reason. We only use the best refinishing materials, hire the best technicians, and we take more time preparing the surface to ensure the end product lasts longer than our warranty periods.

Clawfoot tubs are made out of cast iron, brass, copper, steel, aluminum, acrylic, fiberglass or other materials. Each material has its own unique characteristics. Some Cast Iron Clawfoot tubs are covered with smooth porcelain on the inside walls, bottom, and the top rolled edge for a more comfortable and elegant looking bathtub. The outside of this style clawfoot tub is raw cast iron that is usually painted a color to match your bathroom.

Many of the original clawfoot tubs were made from copper or other metals and did not have a smooth porcelain finish. Cast iron is one of the oldest materials used to make clawfoot tubs. It is strong and durable, but the porcelain tends to crack easily and wear through over the decades.

Brass clawfoot tubs were often found in bathrooms because they were easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. Copper tubs were also very popular as they are resistant to corrosion. Steel claw foot tubs were typically used in commercial settings where durability was needed. Aluminum tubs were lightweight and affordable.

Most people today desire the cast iron style with a bright white porcelain and people will often paint the outside of their claw foot tub a pleasing color to match their bathroom.

That is a loaded question. What condition is the claw foot tub in? Just found in a backyard in backwoods Oregon or in pristine like new condition. One could cost $50, the latter could cost $5000. Call us for an honest appraisal on the worth of your clawfoot tub.