Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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Remodeling your out of date bathroom can be costly if you replace everything in it with new items. Remodeling a bathroom can easily cost $5000 to $10000. The bathroom is the second most expensive home in the house, besides the kitchen. Here are some quick tips on bathroom remodeling that could save you some money. You could save as much as 80% on remodeling your bathroom with these simple money saving tips.

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Refinish Instead of Replace

Try to refinish the tub, tile and vanity instead of replacing them. This alone can save $1000's and will be ready to use in a day instead of weeks.

Add new hardware & knobs to the vanity

This is an easy upgrade that costs around $100-$200 and can usually be completed in a day or so. It makes a nice weekend or evening project and can add life to your existing cabinets.

Replace your old shower curtain with a new glass shower door

This is a $500 - $2000 bathroom remodeling project and is usually best performed by a professional. This project can be a do-it-yourself project if you are handy, thanks to kits at Home Depot.

Install new modern plumbing fixtures

This will make even an older tub or shower look great. You may need to consult a plumber for this to ensure you don't have any leaks when your finished. This is also a great option if your old fixtures are leaking.

Paint the walls a modern color

This is a $50 - $200 remodeling project and can be complete in just a couple of days. Make sure to use a drop clothe and blue painters tape to protect the items you are not painting.

Add new towels and a rug to tie everything together

This is a $50 - $200 remodeling project and can be complete in 5 minutes. Choose a color or pattern that brings you joy.

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