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Fiberglass Bathtub and Shower Repair, also called acrylic repair or fiberglass mending, is the process of repairs chips and cracks in a fiberglass bathtub or shower to make it look like new again without replacing it. Fiberglass bathtub and shower repair can save you $1000's over replacement and is usually ready to use in less than 12 hours, compared to one or more weeks of renovation to replace a fiberglass bathtub or fiberglass shower. Choosing the right company to repair your fiberglass tub or shower can save you time, frustration and money. Choosing the wrong company can make your life miserable. Renew-It has been the #1 choice in Portland and Vancouver since 1994.

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Portland & Vancouver Fiberglass Tub Repair Before Picture
Portland & Vancouver Fiberglass Tub Repair After Picture
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Fiberglass Shower Pan Repair After Picture
Installing New Bathtub

Why Not Just Install A New Fiberglass Tub or Shower?

Many people decide to repair their fiberglass tub or shower instead of replacing it for at least two reasons. Time and Expense.

  1. Time - Installing a new fiberglass tub or shower is a lot more involved than just refinishing them. First, the old tub or shower must be removed which creates a huge mess. This may reveal other issues that must be addressed. Then, the new fiberglass tub or shower must be installed. If you choose to go this route, please make sure you choose a quality contractor or you may be creating more problems for yourself.
  2. Expense - Replacing your damaged fiberglass tub or shower can easily cost thousands of dollars. Repairing it can save you as much as 90% compared to replacement. Fiberglass repair is an inexpensive alternative to replacing your damaged surface.

If you decide to repair your damaged fiberglass tub or shower, please call us for a Free Consultation and Estimate. We will explain your options and give you a written estimate. Or if you already have an estimate from another company, we will give you a free Second Opinion.

We can repair your damaged surface and match the color or even change the color of your tub or shower to a color of your choicegiving you a like new look, without the cost and time involved in replacing the item. Call us today to get more information.

Hot Tub & Spa Repairs in Portland

We can repair cracks and holes in hot tubs and spas for much less money than replacement. Cracks and holes can lead to leaks in hot tubs and spas which can cause huge problems in your home. We can repair the hot tub and spa to look like new in just one day. Call now for hot tub and spa repair. Contact Us here for a free, in-home consultation.

Why would I repair my damaged fiberglass tub or shower?

There are many reasons to refinish a fiberglass tub or shower. You may have unsightly scratches or worn spots on your tub. You may want to change the color. You may be selling your home and don't want to replace a slightly damaged fiberglass tub tub or shower and refinishing it is an inexpensive alternative to replacement. You may be remodeling your bathroom and replacing the fiberglass bathtub is not an option due to space or some other reason. Whatever your reason for wanting to refinish you fiberglass bathtub, Renew-It Refinishing can help. Contact Us here for a free, in-home consultation.

How to choose the right refinisher?

We certainly hope that you will choose Renew-It Refinishing for all of your refinishing needs. But we realize that there are many fiberglass tub & shower repair companies in Portland and Vancouver and that you want to make sure that you are choosing the best one. So, here are a few tips. As with any service company, the longer a cabinet refinisher has been in business, the bigger his reputation with the local community. Either for the good or the bad.

Reading Client Testimonials really helps when searching for a fiberglass repair company. Allow his clients to fill you in on their experience. Make sure whomever you choose has a great reputation. Also make sure that he is fully covered by insurance. There are some real horror stories of contractors who are not covered with the proper insurance causing big problems and leaving the homeowner with the bill because they were not properly covered. Bonding and licensing is also important. By the way, Renew-It Refinishing has all of this and more. Check out our great Guarantees here that no other fiberglass tub and shower repair company in Portland or Vancouver is brave enough to put in writing.

What type of fiberglass repair do we offer?

There are many different methods of fiberglass bathtub repair and refinishing to choose from. We use different methods depending on your needs. The finished product often looks the same, but the preparation is vastly different depending on the surface we are refinishing. Some fiberglass bathtubs or showers simply require a cleaning and clear coat to make them shine like new. Others require deep etching and honing to remove deep scratches or pitting before they can be refinished.

We offer 3 levels of refinishing. Basic, Deluxe and Best.

What about color matching the fiberglass tub repair?

We custom match our unique fiberglass repair glazes on site so we can match any color with extreme precision. Our fiberglass chip repairs are virtually undetectable to the untrained eye.

What kind of warranty will I get?

We offer three different warranties based on your needs. Our Basic Fiberglass Tub Repair process comes with a one year no-peel warranty. Our Deluxe Fiberglass Tub Repair comes with a five year no-peel warranty. Our Best Fiberglass Tub Repair comes with Portland's only Lifetime No-Peel Warranty. This costs a little extra, but ensures that you are covered if the surface ever starts to peel.

How soon can I use my repaired tub or shower?

Depending on the process you choose, your surface could be ready to use within a few hours. We recommend waiting up to 12 hours to ensure that the surface is completely cured and ready for use though.

Using your newly repaired tub or shower too soon could void your warranty and lead to costly repairs. It pays to wait.

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