How Much is Tub Reglazing?

Do you have a tub that needs reglazing? Find out what methods exist, how long they last, and how much it costs! Here are some tips to help you when it’s time to reglaze your old bathtub.

How Much is Tub Refinishing?

What methods of tub refinishing are available?

There are essentially two different methods of tub refinishing: Rolling and Spraying


The rolling method of tub reglazing is typically performed by homeowners and a handyman trying to get a decent tub refinishing job at a low cost. The results are usually acceptable for many and can last for a couple years depending on prep time and methods.

The rolling method usually leaves an orange peel, textured look and feel, depending on the refinishing kit you choose, your preparation, dust situation, and your experience with rolling paint.


The spraying method of tub refinishing is typically performed by a professional tub refinishing technician. This will definitely cost more than buying a refinishing kit and doing it yourself, BUT, the results are night and day.

The results of a professional refinishing technician spraying your tub with a pro grade paint will leave a smooth, shiny, durable surface that can look almost as good as a new tub. However, even the best tub refinishing products and expensive refinishing equipment and spray guns are useless in the hands of an inexperienced tub refinishing technician or a handyman.

Choosing a professional is a really good idea if you want a tub that will last for decades.

How Long Does Tub Regalzing Last?

How long does each method of tub reglazing last?

Depending on which method to tub refinishing you choose, determines how long it will likely last.

  • Rolling or DIY
  • Professional Spraying

Rolling or DIY

DIY tub refinishing products can be of good quality and long lasting, if applied correctly. That is usually where the breakdown happens. Busy homeowners or handymen get in a hurry to get the job done and sacrifice on prep time and applying the product smoothly.

In our experience, a DIY Roll-On tub refinishing job can last a couple of years before peeling. Many start to peel in just weeks because the surface was not prepared and cleaned properly before applying the tub paint.

Professional Spraying

Choosing a professional tub reglazing company that uses high quality tub reglazing products will result in a finished product that can last for decades. This also depends on the technician and his methods.

Many low cost, budget tub refinishing companies (typically charging $100-$300) have no choice but to use low quality, cheap tub reglazing products that often do not last for years. They may be too thin, watered down, and therefore don't hold up under daily use and start to peel.

Renew-It Refinishing in Portland, OR uses high quality products that are specially designed for tub reglazing.

These products cost much more than some, but are worth the end result. Renew-It offers a Lifetime Warranty Option against peeling, the only tub refinishing company in Portland, Oregon that offers this amazing warranty.

How Much Is Tub Regalzing?

How much do these two methods of tub reglazing cost?

Rolling or DIY

You can purchase tub refinishing kits online or in local Big Box Stores for $50-$200. This is usually enough product to refinish one tub or one shower.

If you are unhappy with the results and choose to hire a professional to fix it, you will likely have to pay an additional $100 or so to have them do a chemical stripping process to remove the DIY paint before applying their professional tub paint.

Professional Spraying

Just like everything else in life, the price of professional tub reglazing swings widely depending on who you choose to do the work.

We recommend choosing a professional tub reglazing company because they will use quality materials and techniques to ensure a lasting result. But you can expect to pay more for this premium service.

Renew-It Refinishing in Portland, OR charges between $475 and $1,449 for tub refinishing depending on which option you choose.

Do your research. If you want your tub reglazing to last for decades, then don’t choose the lowest price company. If you do, you'll be sacrificing quality and customer service. Choose a reglazer with a good online reputation.

Tub Regalzing To Change The Color

Which method should you choose?

Think about your goal

If your goal is to just make the surface look good temporarily, like when you are selling your house, then you could choose a DIY method. However, you can also ask your refinishing company if they offer a lower cost service that doesn't come with any longterm warranties. Just a basic refinishing job that will look good and last for few years.

Or your goal may be to use this new reglazed surface for decades and you want it to look great for a long time. You're definitely going to want to choose a professional tub refinisher in this case. You will pay more, but the results will be worth it in the long run. Make sure you get a good warranty in writing and that the company has been in business for many years to ensure they can back it up.

We here at Renew-It offer 3 levels of tub refinishing warranties for every goal. We offer the only Lifetime Tub Refinishing Warranty in Portland OR. Schedule your free consolation today.

Think of your budget

Money, money, money. It makes the world go round. And it also can make the difference in a really great tub reglazing job, and one that is not so great.

Choosing a low cost tub refinishing company will usually lead to subpar surface that will peel in a few years, if not sooner.

Choosing a tub reglazing company who has been in business for many years, even decades, will usually cost more. Why? Becuase they have built a reputation for quality service and usually offer a longer warranty. You are paying for experience, high quality tub reglazing products, and amazing warranties.

We here at Renew-It have offered top notch reglazing services in Portland OR since 1994. We are certainly not the least expensive tub reglazing company in Portland, but we are the Best. We offer 3 levels of service for every need and budget starting at just $399 for 1 Year Warranty, $599 for a 5 Year Warranty and $999 for a Lifetime Warranty. Our customer service our craftsmanship is rivaled by none. Wondering if it's worth it to refinish a bathtub?

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